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Te Putiputi Flax Flowers ®

Harakeke flowers for funeral requirements

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During your time of grief, pay your respects with harakeke flowers. They are unique, with no two bunches being the same.

  •    Individually hand made
  •    Eco friendly and sustainable
  • ✓   Made In New Zealand from local flax
  • ✓   We ship to anywhere in NZ

Display on church walls at a funeral, around the memorial, on the casket during the ceremony or at the gravesite.

Do you run a funeral parlour? Offer these flowers as part of your services.

Putiputi flowers will easily last 5-10 years when displayed indoors out of direct sunlight.

In the elements, exposed to the rain and sun, putiputi will last for a few weeks or more.

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In the elements, putiputi will last a few weeks or more.

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Putiputi flowers for your funeral requirements.

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